Exploring data

Based on the data you provide I can explore and visualise it to show insights that access to the data itself would not give.

Hypothesis testing & experimental design

Often you want to answer questions based on the data you have. I have the experience to identify whether your data is sufficient to test questions you are interested in; and to structure it in such a way that it can answer questions that are possible (this is the field of experimental design.)

Making predictions

Based on the data you provide I will often be able to make predictions about relationships between variables beyond the range of data offered. Regression analysis is a relevant technique.

Recommending items

Often you want to recommend items to your customers. But you would like to recommend items that they are likely to be interested in, and if you are selling things, that they are likely to buy. How can you tell? This is the field of recommender systems which I have applied in many contexts, using techniques appropriate to the context.

Reviewing funding bids

You may want to get funding from an external funding body. In fact you may have written the bid for funding already.  But who outside your team can provide a balanced external view? I have worked on many funding applications to different agencies. The success I have had can enable me to review your application.

Editing funding bids

Maybe you would like to rewrite part of your application but are not sure of the best way, or do not have the time. I can contribute my resources based on my involvement in writing many previous funding bids.

Other forms of consultancy

The examples I have described here are deliberately limited, in order to make your view of possible solutions manageable. In particular there are many other things that could be done with data, and if your interests are more towards research and development, that could lead to directions in machine learning and artificial intellgence.

What is needed to support funding bids depends very much on the definition of the funding call that is being responded to. I recommend starting gathering ideas as early as possible and get in touch when you think more support is required.

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