What Services Can Coevolve IT Provide?

Data analysis

All businesses use data from their customers in order to perform their activities. But are you fully aware of the implications that the data your business gathers? From a career substantially spent on the use of data in a wide range of business projects, Coevolve IT can tailor data analytics to the requirements of your business; generating outcomes that should assist your business objectives going forward.

Algorithm audit

Based on information about your software Coevolve IT can provide support in identifying whether you are using algorithms that the users of your software can and will trust; as well as whether such algorithms will be regarded as ethical by third parties. This comes from a background of studying the requirements of algorithms in digital application sectors where trustworthy and ethical applications are important; and from a background in many areas of artificial intelligence where researchers and application developers have argued that trust and ethics are extremely important in innovation.

Bid writing

From a successful background in obtaining funding for enterprises, for collaborative projects and for academia; in the UK, Germany and across Europe; Coevolve IT can review and comment on funding applications you have developed in your company to make them more likely to succeed. Altenatively, if you need more assistance in focusing a grant application, or writing it from the start; Coevolve IT can draw upon many years of experience to carrying out the process.

Collaboration development

Using an extensive network of contacts in business, academia and the public sector, nationally and internationally: Coevolve IT can help your company grow its network of business (and where needed) academic or public sector contacts. Although Coevolve IT is registered in the United Kingdom, the CEO brings experience of working with companies and other organisations across Europe, as well as interacting with contacts in North America and elsewhere.

Bespoke consultancy

Coevolve IT has been founded from a background spread across many technical areas; and with an experience of using many different research techniques. You won't find many consulting firms that can combine experience in biology, mathematics, computing, and telecoms; among other disciplines. It may be what you need for your business doesn't easily fit in the four headings above. In which case don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss whether a bespoke consulting project can be developed for you in another area.

Terms and Conditions

Coevolve IT Ltd is a limited company registered in England and Wales with registration number 12777986. Registered address: c/o Wainwrights Accountants, Faversham House, Old Hall Road, Wirral CH62 3NX UK.