What problems do you face? Coevolve IT can address these


From a lot of information what do you find out what is most important?


How do you identify one or more sub-sets of information from a large body of data?


What is good and what is bad, and how do you tell where the boundary lies?


Taking classification one step further. If your business is dealing with different customers, how do you group them according to their preferences so you can see where to aim marketing?


As experienced professionals you know what has happened in the past, and you have information about it. How, and what, predictions can you make about future trends?


You have products or services for sale. How can you recommend them to your customers such that customers are likely to see recommendations that they are interested in?

Bid reviewing

You are writing an application for funding. You did so before but it was not successful. How can you make your current application better based on an external viewpoint?

Bid support

You have experience of applying for funding, but this time a new direction seems appropriate. Where can you get a viewpoint based on experience of many different application directions?

Coevolve IT

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