Many businesses are built around an innovative idea, but need further funding to bring it to market or growth the business. This is where the range of funding in the UK (e.g. Innovate UK) and Europe (e.g. SME-Instrument) are very useful. Key questions are: is your business (or other organisation) eligible for the funding scheme you are interested in? Check very carefully. What is the scope of the funding competition you are applying to? If the scope is very broad, the advantage is you do not have to worry about being excluded due to the focus of your business. However you will face extremely severe competition. If the scope is very narrow, it may be ideal for your business if you are particularly addressing that area. But check very carefully to avoid being ruled out of scope before you have any competition. Are you stronger working with a consortium of different organisations? Start working with/searching for potential partners early. Coevolve IT brings experience with grant applications involving business-academic partnerships in the UK, Germany and the EU. I have helped other companies gain funding and led projects that arose from this funding. This can be extended in directions of your interest.

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