Blogging is ideal for an IT consultancy business such as Coevolve IT, where so much of the business activities are text-based on computer screens. Vlogging is less relevant since all of Coevolve IT's customers are businesses, and the crucial insights they will require will involve either confidential information that could be disclosed in a video of business activity working with it; or the use of software where there is little display of the most important actions that Coevolve IT will deliver to its business clients while they are happening. Specifically, Coevolve IT is a service consultancy, and the type of service is not fixed to a product nor is it uniform across clients. But the advantage of this is that a business of this sort has a wide range of topics to discuss in blogs once its clients are satisfied with their services and will allow them to be part of publicity. For further information see some of the other blog entries previously entered on this site. In future more will be available. This entry was inspired by a course on blogging and vlogging organised by the Wirral Chamber of Commerce and the Merseyside Enterprise Hub and delivered by Hi-Impact Media.

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